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This event had happened to me in the late summer of 2011, early August if memory serves. At that time in my life, I was living in a small town in northwest Washington called Bow/Edison, a rural community south of Bellingham, north of Burlington/Sedro-Woolley, that was just off the Chuckanut Drive highway, and is easily one of the most beautiful spots to visit. Bow/Edison (essential two small villages which overlap one another, with Bow being somewhat sparse and dotting the landscape with isolated farming homes and Edison a bit of a hub village) exists in an interesting location, geographically speaking. In a matter of minutes, you'll pass through flat farmland, hilly forests, rocky and densely wooded mountains, and ocean front property.
I had recently completed a year at trade school, attending the Job Corps program in Sedro Woolley and had just got my first job for the Skagit Valley Casino & Resort. Sadly I didn't have much finances, only enough to cover rent for a room in an old farmhouse just off Chuckanut. This was lucky for me, as it was only a few miles from the Casino, which was just of the Interstate 5 and was a more than feasible ride on the handmedown bike I had procured shortly before graduating Job Corps.
When I started, I was a dishwasher, and one that worked the swing/night shift. Getting to work was a bit of a pain, the ride mostly uphill and along the windy Bow Hill Rd, but over time it became manageable. I had just moved into the farm house and was starting my second week when I had first came to regret taking the night shift. Sadly at this time I only had a cheap gas station flashlight to illuminate my ride home, which at night was made even darker since Bow Hill Rd cut through dense forested areas and had several twists and bends, making the ride harrowing in some instances.
My first ride home, at around 3 in the morning, had not gone well. Within minutes of departure, I had been attacked by an animal, which darted out of the underbrush and tried biting at my right leg. I didn't see what precisely lunged out at me, though in hindsight I'm certain it was likely a coyote or stray dog. Fortunately it didn't bite me directly, getting a mouthful of jean before I managed to kick the beast off and fly down the hillside for home. Needless to say, my first ride in the dark, alone, with barely any light, made me very apprehensive about future night rides.
The next few days found me very on edge when riding home, fearful of another animal attack. Since I wasn't familiar at that time with what the typical wildlife of the area comprised of, I was fearful of encountering Washington's larger and more aggressive predators, primarily black bears drawn to the sloughs during low tide and black berry bushes, and cougars. Thankfully, those nights were uneventful and overall pleasant, save for one particularly rainy night which made visibility worse.
Before I continue I feel i need to explain one aspect. Heading towards the casino along Bow Hill Rd, just off Chuckanut there's a small cattle farm which raises cows for artesianal cheese making (which if you're ever in that area, pick some up. Its amazing!). Bow Hill Rd at this point twists in a weird way, snaking its way through two oddly placed plots of land, with both sides lined with thick wild brush and a small copse of trees on one side, the other with the fencing and cattle enclosure.
As I was riding home, one a very pleasant and bright night (a rarity in the typically overcast region!) my ride home was going smoothly. I'd estimate it was roughly 2 am when I left work, and that since most of the ride home was just a pleasant coast down to the highway, my attention was mainly on the bends in the road and making sure not to drift too close to the uneven and gravely shoulders.
I had just made it down the hill and was making my way along the snaking portion as mentioned before which took me between the cattle farm and abandoned plot, maybe less than half a mile from home, when I saw something that to this day I can't say for certain what it was. Just as I was making the first bend, less than 50 feet ahead, I saw a large, dark brown or black furred figure stride across the two lane road and down into the ditch that separated the road from the cattle fence.
My blood had gone cold. Just in the faint and shitty beam of my cheap flashlight I could only make out a large torso, seen partially in profile and exposing what I can only assume was its back. I didn't see details such as the head, arms or legs, only that the figure that moved in front of me looked roughly 8 feet tall, and half that wide at what I can only assume are its shoulders.
In that instant, I shouted, certain in that moment that my worst fear of a bear attack had happened, and that all my instincts told me to pedal as hard and fast as I could. Between the shock of this figure suddenly appearing and moving in front of me and the fear of being mauled, I'm thankful I had the good sense to shout. In case you aren't aware, bears (black bears in particular) are easily spooked, and tend to flee from humans if they make a loud noise, unless of course they're mother bears with young nearby.
Regardless, I Lance Armstrong'd all the way home, grateful for the street lights on the highway, and managed to get home, though I ran as if I were being chased once I got off my bike and safely into the old farmhouse. I managed to get to my room, lock the door, and sat on my bed, holding myself and practically hyperventilating from both exertion and fear.
Now I'm sure some of you will ask: did you see a Bigfoot/Sasquatch?
I don't know. I truly cannot say.
I can tell you for certain what it wasn't. It wasn't a bear. Bears typically if they stand don't walk upright, and certainly not as fast as whatever it is I saw was. Additionally, bipedal bears walk very awkwardly, more like a waddle than something striding.
It wasn't (as far as I can recall) a vagrant. While it is true that the area did see some homeless traffic of people making their way north towards Bellingham, most of the time they traveled during the day, and almost always with carts, bags, or something. The chances that what I saw being a very tall homeless man wearing a full fur jacket in August (which even that late at night wasn't cold at all) highly unlikely.
So what was it?
I can say that, though I do believe in the existence of Sasquatch, I've never been able to say definitively what it was I did see, only that it was large, moved fast, and made me feel very helpless and more anxious for the weeks to come until I managed to transfer to the morning shift. Whatever it was that I saw, I never experienced anything like that again, at least when it came to encountering some unknown, large, furred creature walking across the road at 2 in the morning.
Was it a bear? Was it Sasquatch? Was it the tallest hobo with the most unusual fashion sense? I have no idea. Even to this day, I still wonder what I saw and if I was in any real danger. After I had shouted and booked it as fast as I could, the only sound I heard behind me was a sudden rustling of brush and a deep grunt, although in my adrenaline fueled flight its possible those sounds could have been caused by a cow near the fence.
But still, it doesn't explain whatever it was I saw that night.
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