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The problem about rare prices in Habbo. Published: 19 January 2017 2:16 AM by Zidionic. Hello HabboBites! Quick question for you, how much do you know about rares? I'll offer a quick insight into the more in-depth side of Habbo. How is it that the original furniture, apart from a select few, such as dragon lamp prices falling whereas the newer, more obtainable furniture prices are somehow If you think someone would be purposely stockpiling (Buying every one he/she can find) a certain rare, then hold onto yours. If that raises the price, you could profit. This could also mess you up horribly though, such as the petal patch deficit when people who bought full petal floors for 5-5.5 HC’s each one petal were destroyed when habbo released petals in the catalogue, dropping them to Super Rares are furni items that are above 500 to 5000 credits or less than 100 observable examples in the hotel. For the purpose of this article, this page reflects on what is found on Habbo.com.Most of these items were released under these conditions: competition prize, accidental release, staff gift, compensation, promotional, and/or Scripted items, which are later adopted by Habbo Staff. Rares are a limited release furni on Habbo that are sold typically for a limited amount of time and are never to be released again. Rares tend to accumulate a lot of value over time. They're often used for collections, showcasing wealth, or allow users to gain profit much more quickly than general release items found in the furni lines available in the catalogue. I got rich through a furni shop, then made a rare casino, got unlucky, then got very rich through the shop again, made a super rare casino and my wealth increased by a factor of 10 if not more just because of the casino. That and having a lot of gold dragons before their prices jumped up made me pretty rich. A lot of rich people on .ca made it like that, but some did buy. Prices went up, advertisement increased and of course the Habbo merge. I started playing on Habbo retros a lot more because the communities were so much better. Every time I went back on Habbo there was a new event promoting some company, where you had to simply walk into a room and get a new badge. One odd type of game in Habbo that can potentially win you big coin prizes is called a "grabber" (or sometimes a "rare grabber"). Grabbers are essentially games of pure chance. In grabber, various prizes are laid out in a square grid. The player randomly selects two numbers from 1-6 (like rolling two dice) and wins the prize that's in the corresponding square on the grid. Habbo uses its own and third-party cookies in order to provide a better service and display advertisement that fits your preferences. By using our website you agree to our cookie policy. Awarded to everyone who visited Habbo during December 2006. Happy Christmas! See all. Friends (5 out of 832)!mw3rock! Co-Founder [SWAT] [Afor1]!OMGAWD! Habbo Vet.!soph-smith! SophieSmithsMusic on youtube!YOLO!,,edwardbella,, spakol lang sakalam. See all. Rooms. Ω Coin Shop Ω. Come for good furni at decent prices! Don't touch my wall! Win 5c! Come for a blast and a chance to win 5c! 2C+ SHOP Habbo's oldest and most trusted official fansite. The latest LTD rare is this hairy yak - released on 21 December. Check out our wiki page for more information, including owner tracking! Himalayan Yak. All your Habbo guides. Achievements: Pet Breeding. Achievements: Baking. Achievements: Making Garments . Wired: Auto User Kicking. Events Timetable. Upcoming DJs. Mizakit: 1:00 AM: Mizakit

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